Terms and Conditions

Use of any of Juvanescence Design's services is taken by Juvanescence Design to be an acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, as set out in this document.

1. References to "Juvanescence Design" or "us" or "we" refers to the owner of the website whose trading name is Juvanescence Design trading name of Jonathan Jenkins. The term "you" refers to the user, viewer or customer of our services and our website.

2. Juvanescence Design reserve the right to refuse to publish, design or sell any material that we consider to be:-

a) Illegal - for instance, any material in violation of any local, national or international legislation. Including, but not limited to, pornography (or any other images or literature that we deem to be obscene or grossly offensive); breach of copyright and the illegal trade of music on the Internet.

b) Racially motivated (whether actually illegal OR NOT, we will not be associated with any images or text that we consider could be offensive to people of a particular race or religion).

c) Otherwise not appropriate for publication on the Internet.

3. The customer agrees that they shall not hold Juvanescence Design liable for any losses (including loss of projected profits), costs or claims, caused by design errors or omissions, or by the failure of certain material to appear in print or on the internet on a given date. This includes, loss of data resulting from delays and/or service interruptions and the malfunction of equipment.

4. Juvanescence Design considers it to be the customers responsibility to ensure that pages and images published on a customers behalf, are not libellous and do not infringe copyright regulations or intellectual property rights. Furthermore, as such, Juvanescence Design cannot be held responsible for the customers failure to do so.

5. All of Juvanescence Design services are made available to the customer in good faith. The publication by Juvanescence Design of a website or webpage, or the use by a company or individual of services offered by us, should not be considered as a recommendation or approval of said company or individual. Also, where a link is provided to other websites, Juvanescence Design has no control over the content of said websites, and accepts no responsibility for any of the information contained therein. The use by Juvanescence Design of links to other websites does not imply approval or a recommendation of these sites and/or pages.

6. All initial orders for graphic design projects are taken in good faith. Our usual payment schedule is a 50% deposit payable at the time of ordering, followed by the final 50% payment at the end of the design phase of the project. Juvanescence Design guarantees that the price you pay will not increase once an order has been accepted, even if subsequently that product or service is subject to a price increase. Payments can be accepted by cheque, BACS, Google Checkout or by using PayPal. Whichever of these methods of payment you choose, preparatory work will be undertaken whilst the payment is being approved. However, we are only too happy to assess each individual application on its merits. You should allow 3-5 working days for a cheque to clear. If, at any stage, Juvanescence Design is informed of a problem with processing a payment, or a payment request is declined, any work in progress for that customer will be suspended immediately, until such time as the outstanding charge is paid in full. Refunds will be given by the Management as and when deemed appropriate.

7. Juvanescence Design reserves the right to cancel a project after 2 months of non contact from the client. Client will waive all rights to a full refund.

8. Juvanescence Design reserves the right to use examples of websites or other promotional items we have designed for promotional purposes.

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