What is Resolution?

In desktop publishing, resolution refers to the dots of ink or pixels that make up a picture, whether it is printed on paper or displayed on-screen. I’m sure you have all heard the term DPI when purchasing a printer or scanner, basically this means dots per inch.

So how many dots?

Pictures whether displayed on-screen or printed are all made up of dots. The more dots used the clearer the picture, also the larger the file size of the photo/graphic.

Resolution is measured by the number of dots in a horizontal or vertical inch.

If printing professionally you should make sure your scanned photo’s and artwork are between 300dpi - 600dpi, but you should always check with your printer beforehand.

Artwork for the web is at a lower resolution, 72dpi to be exact.

This is why when designing for print, taking images from the web and trying to increase their resolution will just not work. You will end up with blurred poor quality images.

Any good designer would be able to inform you of this, and would probably point you towards a stock library where you could purchase higher resolution images.

If they can’t inform you, maybe they are not as professional as you may think.

10/11/09 - Portfolio updated

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