What Are You Really Paying For in a Logo Design?

Prices for a logo design range dramatically from designer to designer. Some bad designers, which some people might think is a good deal charge £20 per logo, others can charge up to £800.

Right now the average designer charges about £100-£300 per logo design so you should get a very good design for under £300. However, you should learn what you are actually paying for.

Charging per colour: This is just another way for the designers to make some extra money. To change logo colours usually takes 5-10 minutes on average. If it's a complex logo with illustrations or a technically involved design it may take up to 45 minutes to change the colours. So when a designer charges per colour, ask them what are they really charging for.

Mock-ups, Designs, Samples: These are all another word for totally and completely different designs. The designer had to do something completely different to create your logo. Some companies give you 5 designs to pick from, some give you 10. Basically if you get 5 designs it should be a decent amount.

Revisions, Edits, Changes: These are changes done to your designs or mock-ups. Changes can include colour changing, moving a word horizontally, vertically, adding a slogan, rotating an image etc.

Rush Delivery: If you need a logo fast you are probably in need of rush delivery. In this case most logo designers charge anywhere from 25% to 100% more for a logo design, depending on their busy schedule, and how fast they are really going to get it to you. The average logo design takes about two weeks for completion even though they may say a 3-day turn-around. However, you will want to make changes, and you will want to ask some more questions once you start seeing your design.

Money Back Guarantee or Satisfaction Guarantee: A money back guarantee, satisfaction guarantee, or at least a percentage return policy should be available to you from your logo designer at least in one of their packages, possibly the higher level package. If the highest package does not have some kind of guarantee, be very leery of the designer.

The Set Up Fee: If a set up fee is charged, for example £50 to set up your logo design just to get into design mode then something is wrong unless you are receiving stationary, business cards, or some other print material. If you are getting original pencil sketches, drafts, or ink illustrations on regular paper then a set up fee is possible. Other than that if there is a set up fee ask them what it pays for.

At Juvanescence Design, what you pay for is what you get. We have no hidden charges, and offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with the product we produce for you.

10/11/09 - Portfolio updated

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